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The Last Day of My Life †Creative Writing Informal Essay

The Last Day of My Life – Creative Writing Informal Essay Free Online Research Papers The Last Day of My Life Creative Writing Informal Essay Everyday people come and go. There are people born into this world and there must be some leaving in the meantime. Sometimes, such coming and leaving make me think about the life. What’s the meaning of life? People always want to live a meaningful life, but how do we define a â€Å"meaningful† life? I think that everybody would have his own definition of â€Å"meaningful.† Most people work very hard day and night in search of fame and fortune. When they become millionaires eventually, they may think it is enough for their life. But if they had only one day to live, what would they do? Suddenly, their fame and fortune end up nothing at all, for they cannot take their possessions with them when they die. Therefore, they may worry about their possessions and be annoyed even on their last day. It’s not my type of life. I won’t pursue fame and fortune so that when my very last day comes, I will have nothing to worry about and can be relieved in the long run. But I cannot be sure when I will leave this world. If the answer is tomorrow, what will I do on the last day of my life? First, I will clean up my room. Some people may think, â€Å"Since I am going to die, what good will it do me?† None, actually, but it means something to me. After living my life, I may find that all my life was chaotic, and I don’t want to leave the chaos in the world. Therefore, I will clean up my room so that I can make my life neat and tidy. I want it to be perfect. Second, I want to thank people who give a lot to me, such as those who have helped me, who have loved me and who I loved, for it was they who gave me the meanings in my life. Then, I will visit many places where I was born, I grew, I studied, I worked, and I lived. Those places can evoke my precious memory. I cannot bring anything with me but my reminiscences. At last, I will find a place where nobody can find me. I will be contented if anyone can weep for my death, but it will be too sorrowful for an emotional person like me to see those once happy faces become sad. Therefore, a serene place like seasho re will be good. I can lie on the yellow sand, listening to the relaxing sound made by waves. I can see the last sunset in my life. It will be a little sentimental, though. At night, crescent moon will shine on me and the sky will glitter with the myriad stars. With the unremitting waves, sea breeze will blow lightly, brushing through my hair, as if beautiful melody resounds harmoniously. In a state of comfort, I will lose my consciousness gradually and finally lapse into deep sleep. And it will be the finale of my life. In our daily life, we take everything for granted that parents should take care of us and friends help us without return. All seems to be natural, but actually it isn’t. They devote themselves selflessly to us because we are their beloveds. However, people always treasure what they have lost. Don’t be people of that kind. Sometimes, return our favor to them and then we won’t have remorse when the last day of our life comes. Research Papers on The Last Day of My Life - Creative Writing Informal EssayThe Masque of the Red Death Room meaningsHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows EssayMind TravelBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XTrailblazing by Eric AndersonNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This Nice19 Century Society: A Deeply Divided EraComparison: Letter from Birmingham and CritoThe Spring and AutumnThe Effects of Illegal Immigration

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Shorashim Groups Facebook campaign Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Shorashim Groups Facebook campaign - Case Study Example Their new campaign on face book commenced in February and pushed a digital firm in Israel us the effectiveness of Facebook campaign. Holidays were just nearing and the group wanted to create awareness through McCann Digital. Therefore, the firm urged 100 celebrities to change their profiles with the message. Within a day hundred individuals translated to 500 and later to thousands. This is what formed the organization that supplied food to the needy. The idea of using Facebook for their campaign was well thought as it manufactured numbers from few to a bigger margin. The strongest selling point of their campaign was by engaging celebrities. As celebrities have a huge following in face book, the impact would be more as there profiles have most views and lack. Therefore, due to their strong networking with friends who are also famous and fans to social responsibility, it was the best approach. It was the best because it attracts both numbers and willing participants of such an initiati ve. In a nutshell, Shorashim group thrived in their efforts to support the elderly due to smart social

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Influence of Globalization on Organizational Network Structures Essay

Influence of Globalization on Organizational Network Structures - Essay Example Globalization can be identified as the increased â€Å"mobility of goods, sources of labor, technology and capital† on a worldwide prospect. Considering the impact of globalization on the organizational factors, it can be studied that several new possibilities and opportunities are opening as a result of globalization. Newer ways are cropping up with respect to delivery of different functions. There is an increase in the number of options available to a company and hence greater number of decisions to be taken. Moreover such decisions have to be communicated to all divisions and all levels within an organization. This undoubtedly increases the complexity of an organizational network structure as well. However corporate globalization increases the number of opportunities for an organization; but at the same time it sets up more numbers of interdependencies between a variety of organizations. Learning from a World Class Company: IBM (International Business Machines Corporation): The IBM is â€Å"one of the largest providers of information technology and services†. The primary missions of the company include becoming the leader in creating, developing, and manufacturing superior information technologies and transforming those skills and expertise into â€Å"value† for its customers. Computer systems that include â€Å"software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics† are designed, developed and manufactured by IBM. The operations of the company are spread across the world providing work opportunities for more than 200,000 people. The headquarters of the company is in Armonk, New York (Tung, 2001, p.40). A brief history of the company: IBM was first initiated in New York in the year 1911. However the company’s history dated back to 1890s when mass immigrants were entering the United States and an efficient system was required to measure the level of population. Initially although the company had been operating only in New York, but within a short duration of time, its operations expanded worldwide. Under the management of Thomas J. Watson the company’s products and services were even more expanded. â€Å"IBM refers to the decades between 1939 and 1963 as the ‘Era of Innovation’†. The product line of the company appreciably enhanced during this period of time. The company moved towards the advancement of computers during the period of the Second World War (Tung, 2001, pp.40-41). Gradually over the years, the company developed several new products that included â€Å"automatic-sequence-controlled calculator†, â€Å"IBM 701† which was the first large computer manufactured with vacuum tube, â€Å"system/360 computer†, and so on. In the year 1969, the company brought in modifications in its product selling and started selling individual components instead of hardware or software devices. IBM had also introduced â€Å"personal computers for small bus inesses, schools and homes†. The company initiated an establishment for network computing and several facilities of such computers. In the year 1993, Louis V. Gerstner joined the company as the CEO and he highlighted the necessity to

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Nuclear Power Essay Example for Free

Nuclear Power Essay Since the beginning of civilization, man has always persuaded development with a lot of vigor and determination. In his pursuit he created of the most sophisticated technologies for quenching his thirst for science and invention. Out of all the technologies that have been invented, one technology stands apart from all, due to its excessively diverse nature in terms of advantage and disadvantages. This technology is ‘nuclear technology’, which very few elite nations of the world has acquired and has put it to use for construction as well as destruction purposes. Being a nuclear power today is a huge responsibility for the country and how the technology is put to use is one of the decisive factors for the making and breaking of that country. The history of the nuclear technology is as fascinating as the technology itself. The journey of nuclear technology started in 1895 when Wilhelm Rontgen passed electric current though a relinquished glass tube and discovered the concept of ionizing radiation. After a year in 1896 Henri Becquerel made an amendable discovery of photographic plates darkening due to radiation in the form of beta and alpha particles. The third form of radiation in terms of gamma rays was discovered by Villard and concluded that it wasn’t similar to the x-rays. By the same year Piere Curie and Marie curie gave birth to the term radioactivity and made the phenomenon more understood than it was ever before. The major breakthrough however came in 1902 by Ernest Rutherford who displayed the world the spontaneous emission of particles creating a different element. This technology got a better understanding in the 1940’s by Niel Bohr The fission part of the nuclear power came into action by the discoveries of Hahn and Strassman and their breakthrough made the confirmation of a huge amount of energy being released along with the release of neutrons which eventually caused fission in the nucleus of uranium and held a chain reaction which was the reason behind the abrupt release of large energy. This also led to the research of uranium enrichment and in the crucial year of 1939 professor Peirls made calculations and studies which became major research material for the making of atomic bomb. Theories also started coming for nuclear fusion, which could be used as energy source for civilian needs. The Manhattan project was mainly used for making use of the technology for making a powerful destructive weapon, some part of it was also used in making technology for peaceful civilian use. After the destruction of the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki, America engaged in more peaceful integration of the technology in the 1960s. The following will explain the fact of America’s interest in civil nuclear power and the risk assessment done later on: ‘The nuclear power industry grew rapidly in the 1960s. Utility companies saw this new form of electricity production as economical, environmentally clean, and safe. In the 1970s and 1980s concerns grew on reactor safety, waste disposal, and environmental considerations’ (Courtesy: U. S. Department of Energy, â€Å"The History of Nuclear Energy†. Page 8. Retrieved on December 8, 2008 from http://www. nuclear. gov/pdfFiles/History. pdf. ) The concept of nuclear energy or for that matter nuclear power works on the simple conversions based from mass to energy which occurs to the split or joining of atoms which are larger or smaller than iron. The entire technology is drawn into two systems of fusion and fission. The former is the procedure of the combination of two relatively small atoms to make a heavy atom. The transitional reaction between them causes a lot of energy. The technology of fission is however different and is rather the exact opposite of fusion, where a large atom is split to have tow small atoms. The large atom normally is used is Uranium. This technology is what is used to run for civilian nuclear sites especially in the generation of electricity. The importance of using the nuclear power for energy perspective came after the usage of atomic bombs in the Second World War. The US navy decided to experiment on this technology and started using submarines which were nuclear powered to examine the amount of energy consumed over a larger period of time. On observation of their maiden experiment, it was seen that these high powered submarines could run well over a year without refueling to the nuclear technology. This was a pioneer in bringing the technology to use for sufficing civilian requisites. Being a nuclear power in the world has a lot of advantages; firstly the usage of this technology greatly helps in the reduction of carbon emission which has been generated by power generating industries. The main reason behind is that nuclear technology is the perfect answer to the world’s problem of depletion of fossil fuels as the rates of crude oil have been fluctuating to very high levels. Once there will acute shortage of fossil fuel, there can be a chaos in the world which can be well controlled by significant increase of nuclear reactors that would produce a high amount of power that could well suffice the needs of the world. At present it is estimated that there are approximately 440 nuclear reactors operating a little over 34 countries and are producing and sufficing electricity needs for sixteen percent of this world. There are many pros related with the nuclear power but unfortunately there is a lot of negative sentiment that is associated with it as it s first arrival or introduction to the world was with the destruction of the two Japanese cities in the second world war. The very first myth of the nuclear power is that it’s environmental unfriendly and when compared to fossil fuels wit is much cleaner than doesn’t destroy the atmosphere the way the burning of coal and other fossil fuels have done in the last few centuries. Developed countries like the United States of America consume allot of energy than poorer nations and have a huge appetite for power for its citizens. To suffice this need large amount of fossil fuels are burnt which produces huge amount of greenhouse gases are send into the atmosphere which in turn are causing more and more global warming. This in turn is causing the climates to go awry and create havocs in terms of hurricanes to tsunamis. Nuclear energy is considered harmful by skeptics but they do not realize that nuclear power if used wisely can generate a lot of electricity and can suffice a lot of power requirements for the population in the world without disturbing the atmosphere or for that matter without engaging more of global warming. The growth of the country depends on the economy and with the price rising due to oil depletion; inflation tends to creep in bringing the country in massive recession and other economic regressions. Nuclear power is the most perfect solution for this, as firstly the major advantage which lies with the technology when compared to technologies like wind energy or solar energy is that major research has already been done in this technology and the world is already using a lot of nuclear reactors for power consumption. The only thing that is required right now is to increase these reactors so that immediate effect can be caste on global warming. To invest now heavily on other alternatives of energy would induce more global warming as by the time newer environmental caring energies are launched it might become too late for the world due to massive rushes of green houses gases which would be emitted by large scale industries. The following will shed more light on the point of nuclear power being a better source of energy than fossil fuels: ‘Compared to coal and hydroelectric dams, nuclear power is the safest and cleanest way, from an environmental standpoint, to produce electricity. And uranium is more abundant than fossil fuels. France uses nuclear power to generate 77 percent of its electricity’ (Courtesy: Donald W. Miller, Jr. , MD, â€Å"Advantages of Nuclear Power†. April 14, 2004. Retrieved on December 8, 2008 from http://www. lewrockwell. com/miller/miller13. html) The nuclear energy is going to a major potent when source of energy to save the world from the wrath of highly populated and energy demanding nations of Indian and China. For the same reason the Indo-US nuclear co-operation deal is considered a landmark for Asia, it is going to boost India’s ever growing needs of power by nuclear reactors churning out high amount of electricity. What is important for nations who have this technology is to enhance research on them and make the best usage of the abundant uranium available in the world. Growing cities of Mumbai and developed cities like Beijing are high on power demands. The adverse effect can be seen when India is having load shedding as a solution to solve the shortage of electricity problems. When the country starts using more and more nuclear technology for the generation of power the need for 12 hour power cuts won’t be necessary and the country can hope to develop more in a rapid pace than what is doing now. The following will give more evidence on the fact that nuclear powers are the need of the hour and they are a whopping success in countries that are extensively using it: ‘Nuclear power is environmentally attractive and has been recognized in many countries. For success standardization is essential as have been shown of France and other countries including Sweden and Japan. These countries have had success with nuclear power’. (Courtesy: Behram Kursunoglu, Stephan L. Mintz, Arnold Perlmutter, â€Å"The Challenges to Nuclear Power in the Twenty-first Century†. Page 17. 2000. Retrieved on December 8, 2008. Published by Springer) Nuclear energy is however bad named and rather infamous for its usage in the war and more and more nations arming up or keeping them in their arsenals for using them against each other, but the fact of the matter is if this technology is used with a lot of peace and for development, it can very well over ride the consumption of coal and become a major benefactor of producing electricity in short time. There are cons related to this form of energy however, and the biggest disadvantage of this form of energy is the basic mindset of man itself. As man has a huge tendency of self destruction and any technology that is given to him is first thought through a process of being used in defense rather than being used in the development of man kind. Nuclear energy has been witnessed as a lethal weapon for war and this has prompted many nations to start research on the lines of first having this technology for the usage of making more atomic bombs that can be used for destruction of enemy nations. Today nations whoa re anti U. S such as Iran are trying to get this technology not for its civil development purposes but for using it as an arsenal in their defense armory. Any such move would have catastrophic effects on the world and today if this technology is misused, it would be great fate if only one third of the world could survive. Today terrorism is at rise and all developed and developing nations are facing the wrath of these terrorists. The biggest disadvantage of having a civilian nuclear reactor can come in to picture when a deadly terrorist strike is done on these sites. The following will vindicate the point of these sites becoming targets of fanatics; ‘Nuclear power plants as well as nuclear waste could be preferred targets for terrorist attacks. No atomic energy plant in the world could withstand an attack similar to 9/11 in Yew York. Such a terrorist act would have catastrophic effects for the whole world’ (Courtesy: Pros and cons of nuclear power. Retrieved on December 8, 2008 from http://timeforchange. org/pros-and-cons-of-nuclear-power-and-sustainability) No amount of damage control can be done if such a situation arises, as it would be more of having a small nuclear blast in that region which would not only affect the population in terms of human, but also it would have adverse effects on animals and natural habitat and might even destroy the entire region with no chance of redemption for a very long time to come. Another disadvantage of having nuclear power is the accidents that can take place and can bring the entire environment to risk. There have been evidences documented which brought disaster and laid out the beans of having a catastrophe much higher in regard to it. The following will explain and back the point of nuclear sites having accidents due to human error which bring every living creature in that region to grave risks: ‘Three Mile Island (USA 1979) where the reactor was severely damaged but radiation was contained and Chernobyl (Ukraine 1986) where the destruction of the reactor by explosion killed 31 people and had significant health and environmental consequences’. (Courtesy: World Nuclear association, â€Å"Safety of nuclear power reactors†. June 2008. Retrieved on December 8, 2008 from http://www. world-nuclear. org/info/inf06. html) Though this form of technology doesn’t harm the world by global warming, the disposal of nuclear waste from nuclear sites is one nagging issue that has troubled the world over. Nuclear waste can also be used for the making of nuclear weapons, so countries can actually cheat the world for having nuclear power on civilian lines and might use its waste for the creation of more and more destructive nuclear weapons. If the nuclear waste is not used as weapons then the disposing part becomes a problem as this waste is radioactive and has to be carefully executed. If fallen on wrong hand again it might bring a problem with security and if left at sites near civilian habitation, then there is a huge chance of health hazards due to immense radiation which might even cause cancer and other diseases. One major drawback of nuclear power is that till today there is no proper knowledge of abundance of uranium and the amount of time and money can go waste if the uranium gets depleted in the world. Nuclear power is a boon and curse to a nation depending upon the choice of usage the country decides to put itself into. The technology or the power on its is neutral and is extreme to a large extent as when used for destruction it would cause havoc, and when used for construction purposes it would produce more environmental free power than it was ever before. The sun which is major responsibly for providing energy to our planet also runs on the same technology and is responsible for having life on this planet. Nuclear power too on the same lines if used wisely can create and support life but if used negatively than there might be no life for the sun to ever sustain. Reference: 1) U. S. Department of Energy, â€Å"The History of Nuclear Energy†. Page 8. http://www. nuclear. gov/pdfFiles/History. pdf 2) Donald W. Miller, Jr. , MD, â€Å"Advantages of Nuclear Power†. April 14, 2004. http://www. lewrockwell. com/miller/miller13. html 3) Behram Kursunoglu, Stephan L. Mintz, Arnold Perlmutter, â€Å"The Challenges to Nuclear Power in the Twenty-first Century†. Page 17. 2000. Published by Springer 4) Pros and cons of nuclear power. http://timeforchange. org/pros-and-cons-of-nuclear-power-and-sustainability 5) World Nuclear association, â€Å"Safety of nuclear power reactors†. June 2008. on http://www. world-nuclear. org/info/inf06. html 6) http://www. msnbc. msn. com/id/3072031/

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The negative impact of telecommunication on society :: essays research papers fc

"Watson, come here; I want you." This was the first sentence which was transferred by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant (Reiman). When Graham succeeded in transferring a human voice throw a machine, he realized that he invented a new instrument which will make communication between people easier and faster. Day by Day, scientists started to improve and develop what Bell started and tried to make matters of communication easy to use and available to all people. Recently, mobile phones, short message (SMS) and multimedia message (MMS) services, and the Internet have become available to most people in developed countries almost all time. Such new communication means have unconsciously affected behavior of most people, especially the young, as they depend heavily on them in their daily life. Many sociologists have started the notice that human behavior in society has been affected negatively. Therefore, many sociologists have carried out extensive research to study the im pact of new communication means on the way we behave and act. Some people disagree and believe that the new means of communication have made life easier and helped human beings to save time. However, communication through mobile phones, SMS and the Internet is not as effective as face to face interaction; people who depend mainly on technological means in communication might acquire many bad habits and become isolated, persons who could weaken family bonds and, consequently, negatively affect society in the long term. Some people believe that the new means of communication have a very effective role in our lives. Mobile phones have made communication between people much easier. It is very easy to arrange a holiday, change an appointment or ask about family by calling. Moreover, using the short messages has become very popular. It is a very cheap and fast way to communicate. In addition, many people believe that telecommunication devices do not only allow us to communicate with people that we know, but also the new means of communication allow us to make new friends and get to know about other cultures around the world via the Internet. People nowadays spend hours chatting with friends around the world; Many Internet users deem that text and voice chatting have made people open minded and social. Despite the fact that Communication through technological means is easy and fast, it is not as effective as the face to face interaction. Some people deem that making a call can make you in touch and replace meeting someone and talking to him; yet, meeting face to face has another taste.

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Literary Analysis: The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Essay

Since its publication in 1892, The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, has generated a variety of interpretations. Originally viewed to be a ghost story, it has been regarded as gothic literature, science fiction, a statement on postpartum depression, having Victorian patriarchal attitudes and a journey into the depths of mental illness. More controversial, but curiously overlooked is the topic of the rest cure’ and whether Gilman’s associations are fact or fiction. Evidence supports Charlotte Gilman may have misrepresented the Weir Mitchell Rest Cure, and pokes more holes in The Yellow Wallpaper.† The story’s female character is suffering from â€Å"temporary nervous depression a slight hysterical(1) tendency,† and prescribed a rest cure. The treatment enforced absolute bed rest, forbade physical, mental or social activities and required total isolation from family and friends. Eventually the lack of stimulation and complete solitude only added to the desolation, and pushed her to the brink of insanity. The Yellow Wallpaper was based on Gilman’s personal experience with postpartum depression and treatment received by Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, pioneer of the Rest Cure. The parallels between her experiences and those of the story are noticeable, as are implications of late nineteenth-century patriarchal and medical attitudes toward women, during that time. As a fictional story, and nothing else, The Yellow Wallpaper depicts a postpartum woman driven to psychosis by an inept doctor who is also her husband. However, as a fictional autobiography, it is read as an â€Å"indictment of the nineteenth-century medical profession and its patriarchal attitudes.† After the 1973 reissue of The Yellow Wallpaper, Gilman directly criticizes Mitchell’s treatment, saying, â€Å"the real purpose of the story was to reach Dr. S Weir Mitchell, and convince him of the error of his ways.† She claimed his rest cure brought her â€Å"perilously near to losing [her] mind.† Mitchell’s â€Å"errors† by many accounts, far surpass his medical therapies alone. A tenacious male-chauvinist, by today’s standards, he was vehemently opposed to women voting, and strongly against higher education. He felt it got in the way of being good wives and mothers, saying â€Å"there had better be none of it.† Women’s â€Å"finest nobleness† according to Mitchell, was â€Å"to be homeful for others.†

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Great Expectations By F. Scott Fitzgerald - 1834 Words

Great Expectations, occurs in the early 1800s over three major settings: his sister’s house in the Kent marshes, Satis House, and London. Pip describes his first home with his sister and brother-in-law as, â€Å"...the marsh country, down by the river...this bleak place† (1). Pip regards his hometown to be dull and boring. This symbolizes how plain Pip’s life was before his benefactor’s generosity enabled Pip to go to more thriving places and have more lively experiences. Here, Pip spends his days gloomily, as his sister always scolds him, and he cannot escape it. However, one day, Mr. Pumblechook gives Pip an opportunity to be whisked to Satis House, the residence of Miss Havisham and Estella. Miss Havisham lives an isolated, restricted life which can be seen in the architecture of her house. It was â€Å"...of old brick, and dismal, and had a great many iron bars to it† (54). Miss Havisham’s residence represents her well because the worn br icks show how old and tired she is of life, and the iron bars symbolize how she lives as if she were in a prison. She mainly keeps to herself and does not step outside her house. In Miss Havisham’s manor, Pip’s life changes as he meets Estella, his beloved, and he encounters people different than him. Pip then travels to the metropolis of London with Mr. Jaggers and money from his benefactor. Pip, at first glance at the enormous city, â€Å"...was scared by the immensity of London...rather ugly, crooked, narrow, and dirty† (161). During the earlyShow MoreRelatedGreat Expectations By F. Scott Fitzgerald1224 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout Great Expectations, the main character Pip seems to undergo a transformation. He starts off as a common boy who will soon be a blacksmith apprentice and will learn from his sister s husband, Joe, who also acts as a father figure for Pip. Pip has a lot of respect for money and strongly desires to become a gentleman to impress th e girl that he is in love with, Estella. Because of this he travels to London where he learns the way of a gentleman. With the people that Pip knows back home andRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby Essay1077 Words   |  5 Pages F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the popular novelists of twentieth century America. He is the representative novelist of the age because his novels deal with the American life in 20th century. Fitzgerald regards himself as a failure, and it was only after his death in 1940 that the greatness of his novel was recognized. The novel was published in 1925. After World War II, the novel became popular. It was taught in American high schools. Many stage and film versions of the novel also appeared. TheRead More Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and His Work Essay735 Words   |  3 PagesFrancis Scott Key Fitzgerald and His Work      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   By the time F. Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby in 1925, he had already amassed an impressive literary resume. From his first commercial publication of the short story, Babes in the Woods at age 23 to The Sensible Thing at age 28, Fitzgerald published fourteen short stories, one play, two collections of short stories, and two novels. His first novel, This Side of Paradise, made Fitzgerald a celebrityRead MoreEssay on Jay Gatsby’s Dangerous Illusions in The Great Gatsby1253 Words   |  6 PagesJay’s Dangerous Illusions in The Great Gatsby      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   America is a land of opportunity and hopes and dreams can become reality. The American Dream consists of the notion that the struggling poor can achieve financial success through hard work. F. Scott Fitzgeralds novel, The Great Gatsby, puts this premise to the test while also warning against the dangers of believing too passionately in any dream. The central character, Jay Gatsby, proves a tragic hero who succeeds financially but failsRead More F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Last Tycoon Essay1158 Words   |  5 PagesF. Scott Fitzgeralds The Last Tycoon F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished final novel The Last Tycoon was begun in 1939 in Encino, California. He worked on the novel during his tenure in Hollywood and up until the day he suffered a fatal heart attack on Dec. 21, 1940. The novel was published in 1941, and included Fitzgerald’s notes concerning the unfinished text. Also, the initial volume was published with The Great Gatsby and a collection of short stories that included â€Å"The DiamondRead MoreTheme Of Naturalism In F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Awakening1358 Words   |  6 Pagescountry divided by racism through his poems, â€Å"Mother to Son† and â€Å"The Negro Speaks of Rivers.† F. Scott Fitzgerald emphasizes the changes of America during the roaring twenties in The Great Gatsby to reveal the rise of a new social class, the â€Å"new money.† Throughout the movements of naturalism, the Harlem Renaissance, and modernism, authors such as Kate Chopin, Langston Hughes, and F. Scott Fitzgerald utilize symbols to evaluate the transformation of the American identity by demonstrating the closureRead MoreThe Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald930 Words   |  4 PagesF. Scott Fitzgerald is mostly known for his images of young, rich, immoral individuals pursuing the American Dream of the 1920’s (Mangum). This image is best portrayed in his greatest novel, The Great Gatsby, alongside his principal themes, â€Å"lost hope, the corruption of innocence by money, and the impossibility of recapturing the past† (Witkoski). Fitzgerald was identified as a modern period writer because his themes and topics were inconsistent with traditional writing (Rahn). The modern periodRead MoreThemes Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby1503 Words   |  7 PagesThe American dream is the ideal that every human that lives in the United States of America has an equal opportunity to fulfill success and achieve happiness. The failure of the American dream is an evident theme in the novel. The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, uses the character Jay Gatsby to symbolize the corruption that the pursuit of the American Dream holds. The American Dream highlights equality and is the quintessential idea that all humans are equal. However, this idea is perceived as an illusionRead MoreViews of Entitlement in the Great Gatsby1596 Words   |  7 PagesThe Great Gatsby as Fitzgerald’s explanation of an American Reality which contradicts the American Dream That was always my experience—a poor boy in a rich town; a poor boy in a rich boys school; a poor boy in a rich mans club at Princeton.... However, I have never been able to forgive the rich for being rich, and it has colored my entire life and works.   —F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters, ed. Matthew J. Bruccoli. New York: Scribners, 1994. pg. 352. The Great Gatsby, by F. ScottRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald Research Paper1504 Words   |  7 PagesF. Scott Fitzgerald is in many ways one of the most notable writers of the twentieth century. His prodigious literary voice and style provides remarkable insight into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, as well as himself. Exploring themes such as disillusionment, coming of age, and the corruption of the American Dream, Fitzgerald based most of his subject matter on his own despicable, tragic life experiences. Although he was thought to be the trumpeter of the Jazz Age, he never directly identified